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into the afternoon hours, sunshine even out at the coast temperatures in the lower to upper 60s, sunny around the bay, by 11:00 low to upper 70s sunny inland by 9:00, 10:00 tops upper 70s to low 80s, a little warmer than yesterday, warming trend will continue throughout the workweek, that forecast for new a few minutes. first let's get you out the door with traffic. >>> good morning. happy monday. off to a good start. sky starting to get a little light in san jose headlights from san jose towards cupertino 280 north nice ride, this is waze app showing your drive out of the central valley and on in towards the livermore area. elsewhere traffic starting to been. up at the bay bridge toll, metering lights on fastrak lanes the way to go at this hour. >>> annual father and son trip ends with an emergency landing in the pacific ocean. incredible rescue is caught on camera. kara clapper is live at the air station at san francisco international. >> reporter: the it is incredible the father and son are doing fine this morning, thanks to that daring rescue by the coast guard. we have video of the rescue it hap
who is in the hospital and very critical condition is a young woman this her 20s. the woman who was killed was her mother-in-law, here visiting her son and his new wife. they got married over the summer now the young wife is here in the hospital. police say, the driver who hit them is 53-year-old man, he has been arrested for vehicular manslaughter. police say it is too early to know if he was speeding, on drugs or had been drinking. witnesses describe it as a horrific scene. the two women were walking with two men on the sidewalk, when the pick-up hit them. witnesses say 52-year-old sherry hicks landed 80 feet away, she died instantly. the younger woman hicks' daughter-in-law, was taken to the hospital described as being in her 20s. now this young man dealing with the death of his mother while at the bedside of his new wife. terrible tram did. one that witnesses say -- terrible tragedy, one that witnesses say they will never forget. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >>> a father and son have quite a story to tell about their weekend on a flight along the central coast they were forced
which is in his 70s and we recovered the second gentleman which is in his 30s. both these guys were a father and son duo that do this trip often go up the coast toward canada. >> reporter: now the older man was suffering from hyperthermia. both victims were okay. how did crews locate the plane so quickly? it's something every pilot should have. coming up we'll tell you what it was and how if they didn't have they may not have survived. >>> 7-eleven employee killed inside the store and the give upman is still on -- and the gunman is still on the loose. the store clerk was pronounced dead at the scene. his name has not been released. anyone with information is asked to call milpitas police. >>> it was two years ago today that a natural gas pipeline exploded into a fire ball in san bruno changing lives forever. last night people living in the city marked the second anniversary of the disaster with two separate memorials. the first was held at san bruno city pack to reveal a plaque with the names of the eight people killed. the mayor hopes the tragedy will lead to important safety measu
. in parts of michigan and northern wisconsin, it's in the 30s this morning. over the next couple of mornings, they're going to have their first freezes of the season. for us around our region, we're down in the 50s. look at manassas down to 52, so's frederick. and down in the mountains, most of the areas in the 50s. closer to washington, southern montgomery counties in the upper 50s to 60s. prince george's county in the 50s. we'll stay in the 50s at 6:00 a.m. by noontime, low 70s. a mild and breezy day, could have winds gusting 20 to 25 miles an hour. highs reaching upper 70s by midafternoon. i'll be back with the hometown forecast in about ten minutes. now with your "first 4 traffic". >>> things are looking good on the interstates. no word on any serious backups. we're dealing with construction on the woodrowshoulders, all thl lanes are open. looking good on 270 as you make the trip into maryland. let's take a live look. 270 at father hurley southbound is on the right side. as you can see, no backup there. aaron, eun? >> thank you, mike. >>> congress is back in session after a five-week vac
, she is in her 20s. police say the driver of the pick up was speeding. he had to be cut from the wreckage himself. 53-year-old was taken to the hospital but moved to jail yesterday where he faces a charge of vehicular manslaughter. >>> milpitas police searching for who shot and killed a 7-eleven employee over the weekend police responded to reports of a shooting at 2:15 saturday morning. they found the body a 62-year-old employee, the man's name has not been released, per the family's request. >>> nadia lockyer is scheduled to be in court later today on drug and child endangerment charges she wases arrested last month at a y's home. police found methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia -- in the room she was sharing with her son. she has pleaded not guilty. she was released and reentered drug rehab. she ther'?ñ estranged wife of state treasurer bill lockyer. >>> there are nine major fires burning in california now. the newest began friday in lake county, the scots fire burned five miles only 15% contained. a mile from homes, so far no evacuates. >>> 75 miles southeast of that,
los responsables del hecho . >> pero el presidente mexicano fue más allá, añadió . >> reiterar la energita protesta del gobierno de méxico por los lamentables acontecimientos por los cuáles perdió al vida a manos de un disparo de la paturlla fronteriza norteamericana, un ciudadano mexicano en nuevo laredo . >> mientras se tensa las relaciones, la familia no tiene respuestas . >> exige una aclaracion inmediata de los hechos, el gobierno estadounidense dijo que aunque actuaron en defensa propia, se hará una investigación . >> obrador dejó de ser miembro de su partido, hizo el anuncio ante más de 100 mil seguidore, con la negativa de reconocer a peña nieto como presidente electo . >> en esta nueva etapa de mi vida . >> con un mensaje que marca su carrera polítpolicía el ex candidato manuel lópez obrador reafirmó que el tribunal electoral validó la victoria del pri, su lucha es de largo plazo . >> reitero, no voy a reconocer a peña nieto como presidente legitimo de méxico . >> las palabras de obrador fueron una respuesta directa al señalamiento hecho por el presidente
(♪). >> es hora del noticiero en español más premiado de la bahía, noticias univisión 14 fin de semana . >> cientos de soñadores acudieron hoy al consulado de méxico en san francisco para obtener parte de la documentacion necesaria para ampararse en la acción diferida . >> balacera en oakland. >> le diremos en qué condición están las personas afectadas para la tragedia en bruno . (♪). >> ¿qué tal? cómo le va? buenas noches, gracias por acompañarnos, les saluda ramón, cientos de jóvenes y sus padres aprovecharon su día de descanso para la obtencion de la acción diferida en el consulad ode méxico, edgardo tiene los detalles . >> la prueba de identidad es el primer requisito para la acción diferida, para eso necesita un pasaporte, matricula consular o certificado de nacimiento, peso muchos acudieron al consulado . >> el consulado de méxico en san francisco estuvieron ocupados con la acción diferida, exighiendo los documentos. >> ahora queremos agarrar el pasaporte y la matricula consular . >> más de 500 personas estuvieron desde temprawno, llegaron de todos la
the refinery. several groups will give their reports to the air board that includes epa and u.s. chemical safety board. this is not informational not expected the board will take action. this is the first of several meetings. i talked with a representative from chevron he says no new info from the company, but chevron is committed to the investigation and preventing other fires in the future. katie marzullo, abc7 news. >>> a man is in the hospital after an off-duty police officer shot him in oakland this morning. the man tried to rob the officer. the shooting happened 1:30 a.m. on van buren in adams point neighborhood near lake merritt where they found the man shot once a second man identified himself as an off-duty officer and told police the wounded man tried to rob him at gunpoint. police found a replica gun at the scene the man who was shot is expected to survive. >>> plea 'tis police continue to investigate a deadly shooting at a 7-eleven on north milpitas boulevard in weekend. the 62-year-old employee was found shot to death early friday morning. few details not clear why the man wa
and that they are investigating the incident. the suicide bombing follows an announcement on friday that the u.s. government is classifying the pakistan base, taliban-affiliated haqani network as a terrorist organization. the u.s. froze the group's assets in the united states in a move that is hardening the taliban. here's our report. >> reporter: the haqani network has repeatedly launched terrorist attacks in neighboring afghanistan. the u.s. accuses pakistan of supporting the group, but pakistan dismissed it, wh which has become a sticking point in bilateral relations. the pakistani government raised the u.s. classification in a statement and calls the move a u.s. internal member. it adds the members of the network are not pakistani citizens and pakistan cannot answer for any of their actions. the u.s. have often urged pakistan to mount military operations against the haqani network at its stronghold in northwestern pakistan. following the designation of the network as a terrorist organization, the usa could put even more pressure on pakistan to take action. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: meanwhile,
. it is a gorgeous start to be a very nice work week. low 50s, and andrews and baltimore at 60. we are at 62 going into the 70s. i'm happy to say that only in the 70s today. here's monika samtani. she couldn't be more excited. >>> thank you so much. if you are planning to head around town, good things to report as well. no problems to report if you are planning to head inbound on i 66, all lanes are open. no issues on the beltway through the tyson's area. a live look outside if you are on the northbound side of i 35, here's what it looks like at the 14th street bridge. back over to our maps at this time, if you are planning to head over to maryland, no issues on the beltway north of town. out of southern maryland, route 210 to oxen hill, one more last live look if you are planning to head to route 50, i'll be back with more traffic at 50:00. back to you guys. >>> redskins fans have no reason to be hopeful about the future of their franchise. >> robert griffin 3, toward the end of the first quarter, this was a sign of things to come. first touchdown pass a strike number 88 went 88 yards to the hous
here. little warmup inland. 60s and 70s close to the with theres edge. here is sal. >>> good morning. westbound interstate 80 is getting busy. traffic is the the toll plaza is also starting to get a little busier. san mateo bridge traffic looking good approaching crossing the bridge over to the high-rise. let's go back to the desk. >>> time now 6:01. a suspect in an overnight robbery tried to rob the wrong person it turned out. just hours ago. victim pulled out a gun and started shooting. alex savidge is near lake merit. very intense confrontation. >> reporter: yes the sergeant out here tells me this was an off duty police officer that opened fire on that suspected armed robber. sending him to the hospital. it happened while that off duty officer were held up outside of her car here on lee street. we'll show you video from early this morning as that suspected armed robber was transported to the hospital preponderate he is in stable condition this morning. everything unfolded just after 2:00 this morning. the officer and woman had just arrived home and parked their car. they were appa
to temperatures in the 40s. storm 4 meteorologist tom kierein back with us this week and brought us cooler weather. >>> heading off to school, going to need jeans and a sweatshirt. that's for the teachers. they're dressing down lately. and students too. you're going to need to layer up a bit this morning, a chill in the air. that's a live view from our satellite and radar. storm team 4 looking down upon us there from space showing a clear sky, thanks to high pressure that is pushed in over the last 24 hours. right now it's only in the 40s these areas in blue. west virginia, western maryland, and central shenandoah valley. these dark green areas, the low 50s. that includes most of virginia, most of maryland, and the eastern shore. right near the bay waters, the lighter greens are the 60s right on the tidal potomac. a cool 61 by 7:00 a.m. we'll still be chilly. not a lot of wind, generally 5 to 10 miles an hour in the 50s. by noontime, wind picking up a little bit, gusting to around 20 to 25 miles an hour. highs reaching upper 70s. the winds blustery by midafternoon. sunrise 6:45. sunset 7:24. i'm b
will hit the picket lines. >>> killing bin laden. one of the navy s.e.a.l.s talks about the moment that bin laden was killed. >> does a cheer go up among the s.e.a.l.s. you shake your hands? pat each other on the back? >> no, all business. 1:00 here. >> denver is peyton's place. after a year on the sidelines. peyton manning shines in his mile high debut. >> this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, september 10, 2012. >>> good morning, everybody. good to be with you on a monday. i'm terrell brown. we'll hear more talk on the campaign trail about the steal mate in washington. democrats and republicans not working together particularly when it comes to the budget. over the weekend both sides said don't blame us. >> so i'm, you know, more than happy to work with republicans and what i've said in reducing our deficits we can make sure we cut $2.5 for every dollar of increased revenue. >> i'm more than happy to work with him. what we've learned in this presidency he says one thing and does another. >> the president and romney campaign battled over taxes. susan mcginnis is back in washington wit
fernandez en el centro de los comentarios,esto y más en primer impacto >>hola, que tal, bienvenidos a primer impacto le saluda en vivo pamela silva conde. >>y bárbarara bermudo, un feliz comienzo de semana. >>caos causó en chicago hoy la primera huelga de maestros en 25 años >>el alcalde dice que los maestros le están haciendo mucho daño a sus alumnos. >>pero ellos dicen que no >>desde temprano salieron a la calle, declarándose en huelga >>pedimos un contrato justo, que tengamos materiales, libro de las. >>guadalupe añade que los resultados a largo plazo serán positivos >>la sobrepoblacion de alumnos en los salónes hace difícil una buena enseñanza >>a mí no me molesta, es justo, que los escuchen, a los maestros y estudiantes. >>con un déficit de más de seiscientos millones es imposible resolver el problema. >>para contrarrestar el problema de la cancelacion de clases algunas inglesias y centros deportivos abrieron sus puertas. >>manifestaciones como estas, los maestros dicen que no descansaran hasta no conseguir un acuerdo justo >>un hispano perdió la vida, otros dos resultaro
. temperature there is don't change too much. 60s and 70s around the bay. here is sal. >>> steve, good morning. this is a look at interstate 880. it looks like they picked up the road work here on 880 northbound passing the coliseum. traffic is good. they will have a busy day there today. it is 5:00 let's go back to dave and pam. >>> thank you. we have new developments this morning. it's about an overnight shooting that happened in oakland. now we are finding out an off duty police officer shot a man that tried to rob him. this happened about 2:00 this morning on lee street right near lake merit. the police officer and his female companion were getting out of their car when a gunman approached them. that is when the officer pulled out his gun and shot that suspect in his arm and chest. that suspect was taken to a hospital. listed in table condition -- listed in stable condition. alex savidge is out there. he'll have much more coming up at 5:30. >>> rescued from a down plane. sinking in the ocean. it happened off the central coast yesterday. tara moriarty joins us from the coast guard station a
. it is a beautiful morning out there with your highs this afternoon going into the mid and upper 70s. loving it. here comes monika samtani. she has your timesaver traffic. >>> i don't have good news and it is a tough one on the southbound side of the parkway. a multi-vehicle accident right after route 410. i'm showing you what it looks like from our sky 9 on the southbound side of the bw parkway, an accident involving up to eight vehicles and you can see the traffic is squeezing by to the right to get around this accident scene. if you are planning to head southbound, early delays, here's the solid back-up as you try to get past the accident. flares and police set up at the scene there to clean it up there we go. squeezing by to the right to get around it. again multi-vehicles here. i will keep you posted on that situation and the delays forming because of it throughout this morning. in the meantime, let's go over to another live picture. this is in college park. if you are on the beltway near route 1. the bw parkway, route 50, all of those are fine. no problems across the north side of the beltway f
.m. chilly in our area with temperatures in the 50s. spectacular weather yesterday. hope we can keep it going. meteorologist tom kierein is back from vacation. he brought a little gift with him in the form of this nice weather. >> eun, i've never seen you so giddy. >> with the redskins game and the weather combined, i just can't help myself, tom. >> the karma has come together. >>> we're going to have a gorgeous week coming up. you loved yesterday. you're going to love it today. it's going to be tough going off to work and school when you have a beautiful blue sky overhead. this morning no travel problems weatherwise. a beautiful area of high pressure pushing in, a gift from canada. it's moving over our region coming in from the upper midwest, where right now it's down into the 30s. parts of northern michigan, northern wisconsin, locally under this clear sky. these areas in blue are in the 40s. that includes parts of the shenandoah valley, mountains of west virginia, western maryland, all the areas of dark green in the 50s. that includes nearby suburbs in prince george's, arlington, fairfax,
up. >> sometimes we work through the night. we have to complete the job. >> reporter: this tree s all on city property, but not anymore. you see this red line right here? the city of falls church told the homeowner they are only responsible for cleaning up that section of the trees, from the red line back to the roadway. everything else, all of this, that's up to the homeowner to clean up. >> it is kind of tiresome, but it is a job you know? and this is our line of work. the more our trees come down the better it is for us. >> reporter: kristen fisher, 9news now. >>> almost all pepco customers are back online. the power company is reporting just over 70 outages and the majority are in the district of columbia. >>> redskins fans are feeling good about thfuture. rg iii looked awesome in his nfl debut yesterday. the redskins picked up a win against the new orleans saints. the heisman winner threw for two touchdowns, 320 yards and not one interception. the redskins win 40-32. coach mike shanahan was quite impressed with his rookie quarterback. >> robert not only executed the offense well,
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hadn't recovered yet from the storm in june that damaged his roof. the new 2 x 4s lay on the ground, now covered in debris. >> i can't believe we went through all of this. it is horrible. >> reporter: the clean up is expected to take weeks, but we could see more injuries in the coming days as people try to assess and remove debris. that is why the deputy fire chief wants to remind folks to use extra cause. >>> the national weather service surveyed places, but they are planning to look at the data once again today. >>> we turn our attention to campaign 2012 and the race for the white house. president obama and mitt romney are raising a lot of money. president obama raised $111 million in august. he now has $170 million on hand to use for advertising and get out the vote operations. >> but for the first time in nearly four months the president out raised mitt romney. >> reporter: campaigning in florida sunday, president obama stopped at big apple pizza in fort pierce and ended up getting more than just a pie. giving the president a bear hug, scott van dueser, owner of the pizza shop s
here are the temperatures right now. we are mostly in the '50s. here are afternoon highs. we will have your full forecast just a bit. >>james: it has been two years since the pipeline exploded in san bruno. this is not just a look back but it is a look forward. >> the anniversary brought back some bad memories. flames, destruction and worst of all eight people killed. >> our neighbor heard was destroyed for a reason. >> people are still recovering from the emotional scars. city officials dedicated a plaque on synchronous state park. the names of a victims were on the plaque. it was painful bring back all of the motions. -- all of the motions. >> i cannot even though the dates or the time that happened i just am going by what people told me. >> the pipeline blew up at six 11:00. -- 6:11 >> and ed is one person that the bill. he is asking his neighbors to rejoin him. >>james: the search is over from that missing man and lafayette. brad olson was found. he was a college student. they lost track of have and a crowd. a quarter or -- a coroner will perform an autopsy. there is a memori
at the highs today. a lot of 80s. although in the north bay, we had 90, cloverdale, clear lake, and santa rosa yesterday. the numbers came down, so 87, clear lake. 65, san francisco. antioch, 87. livermore, 81. 74 was the high in san jose. temperatures trending down right now. santa rosa, 79. 62 in san francisco, and mountain view right now, 72. 72 in livermore, and 82 in antioch. here's a look at our highlights to get you through tonight, at least the first part of the work week. cool overnight, temperatures inland in the mid-to-upper 40s. we'll keep a little patchy coastal cloud, mild for your monday afternoon, ask then warm things up a little bit each day as we progress through the week. 43 the low tonight in santa rosa, compared to 53 for san francisco and overcast conditions, and 58 in antioch. this low helped to cool some parts of the bay area down, maybe one or two degrees this afternoon. it's going to push on towards the north. we say goodbye to that and say hello to a little high pressure going to bring us some mild to warm air throughout much of our work week. so he'll go with gradua
have a mostly clear sky overhead. temperatures into the 70s at the present hour. we are dealing with numbers that are well below average, 74 in town. 5 -- 75 in easton. certain cool air on ton of that and that will be the trend over the next several days. notice the dew points into the 40s. that's an indication of dry air massments clear skies, light northwesterly wind. so we have high deal conditions for the game tonight. you'll see temperatures rapidly falling into the 60s through the course of the evening. we have three systems in the atlantic. upper 40s for overnight lows. that's coming up. >> all right. there are two keys to the best ravens parking, close and cheap. paying for a spot for both could and up getting you towed if you're not careful. joce sterman last a warning that you need to see before you hand over cash neither stadium. >> reporter: just because someone has a sign selling cheap spots doesn't mean you're good to g some are scammers. with 70,000 fans trying to get into m&t bank stadium, parking is at a premium. in some lot owners sell the spots. in other cases
this morning if feels like autumn. temperatures in the upper 50's and low 60's. 60 at the airport. mid 50's in the northern suburbs. the dew point is 52. mostly sunny skies expected. high temperature neared 78. we will check the seven-day forecast going all the way into the weekend. >> good morning. .ot bad out there ba traveling smoothly on the harrisburg expressway. no problems on the j.f.x. of course, monument street is closed near patterson park. the rest of the major roadways shaping up just fine. nine minutes to go south on 895 down towards the harbor tunnel tolls. 10 minutes on 95 south down towards 32. here's a quick, live look at traffic. the north side is running smoothly. a nice start as to switch over to harford road where it meets the beltway. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> the ravens kickoff their regular-season later tonight. >> there will be more than just football taking place tonight. kim dacey is live with the details. >> the game tonight is important stagese it sets the s for the rest of the season. m&t bank stadium was filled with people paying the
. >> senior u.s. officials say al qaeda's no. 2 leader in yemen is dead. they say he was killed in an air strike along with five others. the missile was fired by an unmanned drone. u.s. officials would not incur -- would not confirm any involvement. the death is seen as a major blow to al qaeda. >> on to a developing story where police are looking for a suspect in an attempted sexual assault that happened on friday morning. a woman told police she came home and found a man inside her apartment and he tried to sexually assault her but he fled when he fought back. >> we turn now to the race for the white house and the new numbers in favor of president obama. a new poll shows the president with a decent lead. for the first time, he is ahead and another category as well. let's go to the newsroom to explain the post convention developments. >> let's talk money first. i will be damned. those are the words and the obama campaign they say they refuse to let the romney team met raise more cash. from the's team went to work in a state that could be some of the most coveted ground in pol
on all three indices on thursday, following that announcement. the dow and s&p 500 hit three-year highs, and the nasdaq posted a nearly 12-year high. stocks continued to rise on friday, and gm rose 10%, chrysler, climbing 14%, compared to earthquake related supply disruptions last year. all of those companies came in ahead of expectations and the annual sales rate in the u.s. now stands at 14.5 million cars. it is an extraordinarily busy and important week from the jobs numbers to the ecb plan. but there are plenty of other things to pay attention to, as well. joining me is the chief investment strategist, russ koesterich. thank you for joining us. >>> thank you. >> 96,000 jobs created, fewer than the market expected, but the unemployment rate did fall to 8.1%. what is your take on the numbers and the economy? >> unfortunately, it was a bad report on several fronts, even the drop in the unemployment rate was negative. i'll explain why in a moment. so you're below expectations on job creation, the sharp slowdown from the rate in july. we're seeing the wages slow down. again, this is a ch
in his 70s and son were flying from santa barbara to canada when they ran into engine trouble. it's a trip the we makes every year -- it's a trip the duo makes every year. this was in the cold, choppy waters off big sur. >> seas are rough. winds are about 2020 knots -- about 20 nots. >> it was obviously a challenge hoist for me. my job was to hoist. it's challenging for me. i train for it. it becomes second nature. to have somebody's life in your hands, it's definitely pressure on my part. >> reporter: and by 5:15, the plane got completely stuck in kelp and sunk. the names of those on board have not been released. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> police in redwood city out there searching for a moon has been missing for almost a -- man who has been missing for almost a release. police say this man has been missing since last tuesday. he was last seen -- last tuesday. >>> yesterday morning near stern meadow and golden gate park, a ranger approached a homeless man who resisted. a man started to swing a branch. the ranger was hurt. a police officer came to help. he was hurt. t
at the weather headlines. expecting tonight to see our temperatures dropping into the 50s, you can give that air conditioning a break if you haven't already. doesn't it feel like we have not been able shut it off in months? believe me, this is going to be such a nice week, with upper 70s monday and tuesday. only gradually warming up a little bit as we get closer to the end of the week, into the low 80s. what about rain? looks like the next chance of any showers will be on sunday as a cool front approaches. even that's only about a 30% chance. going to be mostly a dry week around here. and the temperatures are going to be amazing. headed for the 50s overnight. and the reason is that sprawling area of high pressure that will set up over the midwest will rule most of the weather east of the mississippi with lots of sunshine. later in the week this high pressure eventually shifts off the coast, but it's going to take all week for that to happen. when it gets off the coast we usually get a little bit warmer. some of the best weather september has to offer is about to begin. we had a couple of clouds
. looking at temperatures from the degrees atter, 68 national airport. west, already into the 50's. waking up tomorrow morning for heading out to work, plenty of sunshine. the sun will rise at 6:45. temperatures will generally only in the 50's. we will talk about how long the beautiful weather will last and in ournce for rain day outlook. >> new at 11:00, a story boast .roken by our partners a troubling discovery inside a maryland library. could change the way library employees are hired. think a place like library is pretty much like a school. >> this weekend, people were man workedlearn this here for several months after he on child pornography charges last december and indicted a month later. >> i do not know the whole story. our partners show he was charged with 11 counts of of child pornography. asyou have a predator such area and you do not know when the opportunity will itself when he can take advantage of a child. >> i am surprised. he was helpful. was suspended in july, from his work was only after a phone call from a citizen, never to return. d idea to dobe a goo background check
help for the economy, coming in three days. the u.s. central bank holds a two-day policy meeting this week, ending thursday afternoon, perhaps by announcing more stimulus. stock investors today were tentative ahead of the meeting. the dow slipped 52 points. the nasdaq lost about 32 and the s&p 500 dipped nearly nine. we start with suzanne pratt looking at what options remain for the fed, and how investors might react to them. >> reporter: as has been the case frequently this year, all eyes here on wall street, have been looking south about 200 miles, to washington. what trars have been watching is what happens here at the federal reserve. and, this week is no different, more watching and waiting for more stimulus. it is widely anticipated fed policymakers will decide once again to step in and try help the economy. >> we're expecting another round of quantitative easing, q.e.3., they'll probably buy mainly u.s. treasury securities. at the same time, they'll probably extend the language on when they expect to be hiking rates from 2014 to 2015. but, even if the market gets more assi
. there is a nice, warm day today. and fog is alofsh l kol sh sunny skies and temperatures ranging from upper 40s to mid-50s and then noorks afternoon, sunny skies and it's warming up. mid-60s at the coast tomorrow into warmest coastal locations up to about 90 degrees into warmest inland spots just the beginning of the warming. there is more coming up in just a moment. >> we'll see you then, thank you. >> still ahead at 4:00 stopping suicides. the nationwide efforts and how facebook is part of it. >> and a new toys are us tab blet just for kids is coming up. >> and michael finney is taking your questions on twitter and facebook, will answer them here live just a little later, you can contact michael on facebook.com. and on twitter. >> there is another check, firefighters just arrived on the scene near a substation this, is near valley view drive. we'll keep you updated as crews work to knock down flames, more on the grass fire as we continue on abc 7 news at 4:00. >>> a new national effort is underway and according to the government, 100 people a day kill themselves or one person every 15 minutes
talking super bowl. fox 5's bob barnard is in our newsroom with reaction to the start of the redskins season. bob? >> maureen, most redskins fans we met today say they're super excited about the way the team played yesterday but know it's a long season with lots of competition for the nfl championship and yet there are some fans already thinking about a return trip to new orleans. >> i honestly believe that if the team can stay healthy and as quick and poised as they were yesterday that the redskins are ready for a super bowl this year. >> reporter: yes, dorian payne is pretty excited but other fans of the burgundy and gold are trying not to get ahead of themselves. >> the game was good. i'm trying to stay calm, not get too excited. we always win in the beginning and then it gets it. >> reporter: you're not talking super bowl yet. >> not yet. >> we're used to losing, so when it's come time to win, hey, that's a blessing in disguise. >> reporter: have you been a fan for a while? >> oh, my lord, we've been here for 37 years. so we've seen it all. >> reporter: the good and the bad. >
hornerred die a -- arrests overnight despite being cornered by the s.w.a.t. team. police believe the gang member wanted was in the house. at one point, the s.w.a.t. team used tear gas too try -- to try to -- to try to get him out of the home. >> they say he was here last night and they saw him run outside. >> no, no, i don't think so. no. no. he's not here. >> reporter: police believe wynn may have called -- crawled up into the attic and jumped from the roof. a neighbor reported a man jumping over their fence who scratched -- who matched their description. this is video from this morning which was 20-year-old brett olsen's alma mater. someone wrote brett's name along the hillside. there will be a vigil at the high school at 7:00 tomorrow night. more than 90,000 people joined a facebook page to help support the family during the search. he disappeared while tubing down the river and was a student at cal poly san luis obispo. police say there's no sign of cam foul play. >>> these are live pictures from mansfield. you can see mott is greeting the grounds after he -- mitt romney greeting the
. temperatures are relatively mild. highs in the '60s by the bay and mid-70s by the south. in the east bay, mid-80s. as we go thru this we will watch temperatures continue to warm up. >> the oakland a's victory against the seattle mariners. >>vicki: the 49ers start this season with a few tough games. the 49ers one up early including record 63 yd field goal. >> the oakland athletics in a pennant race for the first time since 2006. they were victorious of a role in seattle. >> the public house at maximum capacity. >> still ahead we will look at the battle brewing on the campaign trail and asked americans if they're better off than there were four years ago. >>stanley: coming up, someone in pleasanton did not get the memo that i might be coming to visit. you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. >>vicki: the mitt romney campaign released a new ad in wisconsin asking voters if they are better off since the president's office. appointed to disappointing job numbers in
-- quite sunny as well. expect temperatures to be in the upper 70's between 3:00 and 4:00 p.m. not indicating any sort of precipitation. 74 degrees at 6:00 p.m. it will be a little chilly as people head to the game. as a drop in to the 60's by the end of the game with mostly clear skies. let's talk about those overnight temperatures when we come back. >> orioles fans were looking to celebrate, but a back and forth weekend ended the wrong way for the o's. they started fighting back in the fourth inning yesterday. it was all the yankees from there, including a home run. 13-3, taking back the lead. a fitting tribute for a former student. the high school dedicates its field in honor of the former lacrosse player. she played lacrosse and field hockey and went on to play across the university of virginia. yardley's name and class colors will keep her memory alive. her mother and sister both attended last night's dedication. >> this would be something that she would love. now she has it. >> i am sure she is looking down with a smile on her face. >> her killer was convicted in febru
in that evening and i was alarmed. >> the suspect is believed to be hispanic and in his late 20s. he has a thin build, short black hair, brown eyes and was wearing blue jeans. one resident is now nervous. >> the i check my surroundings every time i walked out the door and every time i go inside. it is an eerie feeling. >> fairfax county police tell us the suspect was not alarmed. the lead to a victim was not seriously injured. >> more than a dozen people, mostly children, are recovering after a swarm of yellow jackets stun them. that happened at temple emanu-el religious school. 10 staff members were participating wednesday disrupted a hive and ended up getting stung. everyone was taken to hospital with minor injuries but luckily none of them was allergic. >> another strong weekend storm has a number of people cleaning up today. this summer has dealt to major blows. we've got more on the clean up tonight. it is hard to imagine what this family has gone through. workers were supposed to arrive this morning to repair damage that that is on hold because the rest of the roof is damaged
marshall at 59a. loo -- a look at westminster and york. in western maryland it will go down to the 30's. 75 for the high. the low below average at 60. the record high was in 1983. it looks like tomorrow morning closing record of 43 measured at the airport will be safe. some of the suburbs made it down that low because the skies remained unclear and the winds will be light and the atmosphere is dry. mountains now, 70's around town. in downtown baltimore, 60's and a clear sky. 44 in the coolest ballets by daybreak and 57 at the inner harbor with light winds. this has cleared the skies into eastern canada and down to the gulf. the sprawling area of high pressure that will convert to new to control the weather. no disturbance coming our way for several days. sunny skies tomorrow. 79 before -- 74 to degrees. sun set at 7:21 p.m. it water temperatures in the upper 70's to around 80. 30's in the morning in the mountains. warming to the upper 60's tomorrow. eastern shore locations, interior sections could be in the upper 40's. daytime temperatures are comfortable. same thing at ocean city. cool at
. >>> the crash said chilling reminder of a crash and concord and 17 year-old drove an s u v into a family on the sidewalk. a man and his 90 year-old daughter killed the driver david rosen charged as a juvenile and expects to plead guilty to vehicular manslaughter. >>> it can be anybody and anybody's family income just happen my heart goes out to their family >>> anne mackovic cbs 5 >>> one of the dead is days in in iraq this year insurgents have killed 90 people and injured 360 in attacks on security forces. no group and it'd be clan responsibility but iraq's interior ministry blamed al qaeda. pakistan says it has pushed militants back across the border into afghanistan this comes after more than two weeks of fighting in the madness region the u.s. as more than 100 people killed in the offensive. the u.s. is called on afghan and that of forces to do more from crossing into the country. one of the american commandos to help kill osama bin laden's talks about the mission, in an interview with 60 minutes the former navy seal talks about he took pictures to prove osama bin laden's was dead.
in the mid- 90s. >>> this back to look for a lot folks on this monday morning. so far the big issues. less than 92 as you get closer to hide drugs and one leg is black. as you could see as the acid pay good said the are no delays. the maturing ride snowboard issues but now. heading to san francisco weepy good backups. is a whip closed so the fact had on northbound to 80. russia seeing a little bit of slowing coming up north and to 80 if you're heading into separate cisco. caltrans hopes to pick up here any minute. >>> accordance is upset in orange county this morning. she faces drug and child endangerment charges. protest last month in the city of orange. unless the city found methamphetamines and i have spoken of another in the room that she was sharing with an annual sun. >>> the move scuttles shows president obama's with his largest since early july in his reelection bid. the 70 rolling average showing the president has a 49 to 40% over mitt romney. the public policy: survey shows that the president has expanded his lead in ohio to five percentage points. >>> campaigning in florida sund
, dry air on those northerly breezes. mostly 70's here. 55 added oakland. feeling like fall in the mountains. the forecast for the game, clear skies and a light northwesterly breeze, low humidity and comfortable football temperatures. we will settle back into the 60's as the game wears on. perfect conditions for football. the seven-day in a few minutes. >> our newsroom has been getting calls and e-mails, worried about the rap program using poison that could harm children and pets. lisa robinson joins us to find out what she found. >> several months later, the county has seen some success. they are reassuring people with pets and children is not to worry about the poison the is. >> the run at night up and down the yards and on the front straight. people around here do not keep up after their. what are you going to have, routes. dan ey're happy to see crankearney and his crew. it is just beginning in the catonsville areas. properties are inspected and treated. the work started in june and is paying off. >> we gauge it from the callbacks we may get. we may get 5 callbacks from
. >> we will pinpoint the day that it will top off in the mid-90s. >> good morning everyone. >> it is 601, we want to start with breaking news, police activity is closing some streets in fremont. we will take a live picture right now at that area. we're told it is affecting some streets in that area and elizabeth has been tracking it this morning >> this is a residential neighborhood in fremont just a few blocks east of the nimitz freeway. we were first alerted to this around 315 this morning when a neighbor wrote us and said there were police on the scene and they heard someone firing off gas canisters. there are police and fire and paramedics on the scene. they have the yellow tape blocking the roadways at gitano park drive and don way. it is closed for at least a few blocks in that neighborhood. we will let you know as soon as we find out more about exactly what is going on and let you know. let's go out towards our maps and westbound 580 coming through the altamont pass, a few brake lights now. the drive time is in the yellow so that is one of the slow spots as well as highway 4 reall
in the upper 70's humidity. open the windows and let in the fresh air, especially this morning. chris and refreshing. will this last? that's coming up. now to angela. not much to report in terms of incidents. annapolisht crash in be out of the way. 450 at 50. you may see residual investigation, but all lanes are and moving without delay. off to a great start for the most part. e beltway at new hampshire the overnight work zone only one we had active morning. lanes are open. the new traffic pattern over and branch, just a brief slowdown. traveling in to springfield, no delays. 95, the work zone 17.ed at moving pretty well from 17 all the way past the occoquan heading into springfield. back to you. >> thank you. today in prince george's county the community will get an on the search for whoever senior >> .h school stanley wasamber shot to death in her bedroom two weeks ago in kettering. gonzalez joins us from upper marlborough with more. >> weeks later, this community still in shock. prince george's county police holding this meeting r a number ofswe questions, if they can, related murd
the republicans who voted for this plan, paul ryan. >>brian: a temperatures today in the '60s and '70s. all of these temperatures will increase tomorrow. i will have the forecast coming up. >>vicki: and jerry brown is defending its recent fitness challenge against chris christie. christie referred to the california governor as an old retread. brown challenged christi to a 3 mi. race as well as a chin up in pushup contest. >> he was basically throwing some red meat to the republicans . there is some experience and hopefully there is some wisdom. >> kristi told reporters that brown can have a contest with himself. the governor cited two different bills yesterday aimed at protecting the seat of american computer. >> a rousing ovation from gov. jerry brown where americans in the sikh religion applauded two bills designed to protect religious freedom. for >> america is the result of people coming here from other places. >> one bill would bring a big change to feature text books. >> the second bill would protect against discrimination. the new law goes far beyond the sikh community. >> i
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